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  1. Fall Fashion Coming!!

    Learn to clean out your closets without the guilt

    I’m a girl who loves to clean out my closets. I don’t know if it’s the or what, but streamlining my clothing and shoes, while making room for new possibilities has always made me happy. However, every now and then I get struck by this overwhelming sense of guilt when I try to get rid of something. “Ugh, I just got those shoes. True, they were…

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    closet clean outHow to achieve happinesshow to clean out your closetno guilt

  2. Boudoir in Dallas

    Boudoir in Dallas Check out the blog for new #Boudoir #Video in #Dallas

    Come Down the Rabbit Hole with Us

    Hi! I have been fast at work with sessions, shoots, editing, and magazine shoots!  Did I mention I have a full time 9-5 job in a corporate setting?  LOL.

    Recently I worked with an amazing model named Maria for her modeling portfolio.  Maria was BEYONDamazing!  Even though I’m not done with editing…

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  3. Outfit of the Day: All White Everything

    Outfit of the Day: All White Everything


    All White Everyting, Urban Jungle Fashion, UrbanJungleFashionA

    I know it’s been a very long time since I posted an Outift of the Day.  It’s crazy.  After an event that would put any normal person out for months has actually made me stronger.  I feel so different right now.  I know before I wanted to come back… but honestly, I wasn’t ready.  Now I feel it everywhere inside of me.  Believe it or not.  I’m a way different person.  I am the authentic…

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    All white EverythingDallas FashionFashionOutfit of the dayPhotographyRaybansSummerSummer 2014TigertreeUrban FashionUrban Jungleurban Jungle fashionwhite

  4. Robert Downey Jr, Expecting Baby Girl, November 2014

    Robert Downey Jr, Expecting Baby Girl, November 2014 #Baby #RDJ #RobertDowneyJr #November

    Girls Run the World!

    Robert Downey Jr Baby Announcement

    Today on Facebook (less than 30 minutes ago) Robert Downey Jr (RDJ) announced he and Susan are expecting a brand new  baby girl!

    This is so amazing!

    2013/2014 has been the year of the girl.  My little brother gave me my first neice who I LOVE to death. My BFF (not S… another one…) got her first niece and she was born on my birthday!  SO COOL!  My other friend (my other…

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    BabyBaby GirlFacebookNovember 2014Robert Downey Jr

  5. Bar Cart Secured – Update

    Bar Cart Secured – Update #Decor #HomeFashion #ApartmentTour #ApartmentDecor #BarCarts

    Bar Cart, Tea Cart

    Check out my previous post on my search for the perfect bar cart prior to reading this post.  You can find it HERE!

    Okay, so I headed up to Dulce Consignment in Dallas on Saturday and found that they actually had BOTH the bar carts!  I ended up getting the “tea cart.”

    Bar Cart, Tea Cart

    The tea cart/bar cart is actually shorter than the other cart.  While the black bar cart was super cute it was about $30 more…

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  6. Waking up for Capitalism

    Waking up for #Capitalism #Mondays #StreetArt #Graffiti #LiveYourLife #LiveYourDreams

    Happy Monday

    Capitalism, grafitti

    Who else is tired of feeling like this when they wake up Monday through Friday?  I for sure am.

    When I went to San Diego I met someone who really enlightened me.  He lived in Australia for a month and then travelled and stayed in Bali for three months.  He just left his life and surfed for 25% of the year.

    Could you imagine just leaving?

    Living your life by your own beat.

    There has…

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    CapitalismGraffitMondaysStreet ArtUrban

  7. The Hunt for the Perfect Bar Cart

    The Hunt for the Perfect Bar Cart #Decor #HomeFashion #BarCart #Drank

    Let’s Dance on the Mini Bar

    Sea of Shoes, Bar Cart, 01

    So the decorating bug has hit me once again.  I have been REALLY trying to straighten my upstairs for awhile and it’s coming along… slowly.

    There are some items I want to pick up and will do so during this amazing shopping weekend.  This will probably be the last weekend I really “shop.” 

    Anywho I was perusing Jane’s blog when I saw she had the PERFECTbar carts.  I…

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    Aparment Decor. Apartment RedecorateBar CarDecorHome Fashion

  8. Lupita Nyong’o for US Vogue July 2014

    Lupita Nyong’o for US Vogue July 2014 @voguemagazine @Lupita_Nyongo #Lupita #Fashion #mikaeljansson #Africa #Morrocco #HighFashion

    Lupita Nyongo, US Vogue, July 2014, Mikael Jansson Cover

    Considering we are day 5 in this month I’m a little late to this game… can we say fashionably late?  Yeah, that wasn’t very witty now was it?

    It’s no secret that I love Lupita N’yongo.  I know some people will understand this while others don’t, but it’s really nice to look at the cover of a magazine and see a woman that looks like you.  Skin the color of onyx, natural hair, full lips, fit,…

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    AfricaAfricanDark SkinFashionKenyaLupita Nyong&039;oMagazineVogue

  9. Forever 21 65% off Sale! 

    Forever 21 65% off Sale! @Forever21 #StreetFashion #UrbanFashion #HighStreet #Swag #SummerFashion #SummerStyle #Summer

    Fourth of July Summer Sales are Here!!!!

    Bold Baja Weekender Bag, Forever 21, 01 Bold Baja Weekender Bag, Forever 21, 01 Bold Baja Weekender Bag, Forever 21, 01

    Check out this AMAZING bag that I picked up from Forever 21 online today!  Ever since I laid my eyes on this carrier I have wanted it.  I have no idea why I didn’t pick it up in the first place.  Oh, I do.  I was on a mission to find clothes for my boudoir clients and did not want to spend any money on myself.  The bag was priced at $28.  However, TODAY…

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  10. A big question…

    What are we actually paying for??

    Let me just say this disclaimer up front – there have already been hundreds of articles about the fact that the spending habits on Sex and the City aren’t realistic, and this is not one of those articles. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…

    What are we actually paying for??


    K and I were talking the other day about how we’re getting to a place in life where we like the finer things, but…

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    affordable shoesCarrie BradshawCoachJimmy ChooLuxury ShoesManolo BlahnikNordstromSex and the City